Increasingly, governments and state utilities mainly in developing economies are delegating the responsibility for power generation to independent (private) companies. Under a so-called Power Purchase Agreement, (PPA) an Independent Power Producer (IPP) is contracted to deliver a specified amount of electrical power on a specified date. Meeting the conditions of the PPA involves the construction of a new power plant to a tight schedule. MAN offers engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services to build the new plant as well as plant operations and maintenance.

Our credentials include proven speed in delivering the first power to the grid and an excellent reputation for meeting contract obligations, especially completion dates.


Project financing can be challenging. We offer our expert advice and commitment every step of the way.  We have demonstrated many times our willingness to arrange or support entrepreneurial forms of project financing in PPA / IPP contexts.

Power project development

Project development always begins with an idea. With the aid of feasibility studies we can help our customers to establish whether or not that idea is commercially viable. Thanks to the vast expertise and experience of our team, Power Project Development can be a partner in both the technical development and financing of a power plant. The Power Project Development team works closely with the project sponsors, equity investors, governments, utilities, municipalities, local and international financial institutions to meet the specific needs of the customers in project development and financial services.




At remote mining locations, diesel and heavy fuel engines from MAN supply reliable electrical power for cutters, draglines, crushers, conveyors and other vital consumers.




Our stationary engines and turbines have proven to work reliably in even the most rugged environments and grant a high level of efficiency in full and partial load operations.




A partner to the power industry for decades, MAN entertains longstanding relationships with numerous electrical Utilities all over the world. 


Oil & Gas


On remote fields, large engines can be used to supply electrical power for oil and gas exploration and production or to drive mechanical equipment.