Our crude oil technology and experience date back to 1986. Since then, the company has sold several crude oil engines of various sizes to all parts of the world.

An undiffused substance

The substance is extracted directly from the oil well. In the purest and undiffused condition is called crude oil. It forms the basis of all petroleum products, and it has more than 500 components, mainly consisting of different hydrocarbons, naphthenic acids, phenol, resins, aldehydes and organic sulphur compounds. Its conditions may be very different, depending on where the origin. According to its sulphur content, crude oil can be “sweet” or “sour”. The density is typically between 820 and 940 kg/m³.

All our MAN medium speed liquid fuel engines can burn crude oil. Our medium speed dual fuel engines are naturally also capable of burning crude oil in liquid fuel.*

*For MAN Energy Solutions  to confirm if the engine can operate using a special type of fuel, please provide a detailed fuel specification.

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