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Power Plants Programme

MAN B&W stationary engines and small bore GenSets programme (cn)PDF11.18 MB Download
MAN B&W stationary engines and small bore GenSets programmePDF11.32 MB Download
Power Generation Programme 2018/19PDF7.69 MB Download

Gas engines

Power with LPG – Fuel flexible solutionPDF3.64 MB Download
MAN 51/60 GPDF4.60 MB Download
Gas Power PlantsPDF948.37 KB Download
MAN V35/44GPDF5.97 MB Download

Dual fuel engines

MAN 51/60DF PDF4.94 MB Download

Liquid fuel engines

MAN 18V48/60TS - Two-stage turbocharged diesel enginePDF651.73 KB Download
MAN 48/60 - Four-stroke diesel enginePDF1.40 MB Download
MAN 32/44CR - Four-stroke diesel enginePDF1.30 MB Download

Emergency gensets

PA6 B N - For emergency generators in nuclear applicationPDF2.23 MB Download
PC2 6 B N - For emergency generators in nuclear applicationPDF3.09 MB Download
Nuclear Power Plants – Emergency power solutionsPDF3.60 MB Download


THM 1304 Generator DrivePDF539.61 KB Download
MGT6000 Single Shaft PDF2.79 MB Download

Power plant solutions

Industrial energyPDF7.87 MB Download
Utility energy - Cost-effective power generation and managementPDF6.61 MB Download
Power-to-X solutionsPDF1.29 MB Download
Energy storage solutionsPDF1.13 MB Download
Hybrid power case studiesPDF597.05 KB Download
MAN turbomachinery for compressed air energy storage (CAES)PDF1.68 MB Download
MAN ETES Electro-thermal energy storagePDF1.92 MB Download
MAN BESS Battery energy storage systemPDF2.46 MB Download
MAN MOSAS Molten salt energy storagePDF3.83 MB Download
MAN turbomachinery for liquid air energy storage (LAES)PDF1.76 MB Download
Urban EnergyPDF7.45 MB Download
Hybrid Power SolutionsPDF879.34 KB Download
LNG gas supply and bunker systemsPDF766.45 KB Download
LNG to power solutionsPDF629.36 KB Download
MAN Concentrated solar powerPDF694.56 KB Download
Power-to-X solutionsPDF1.29 MB Download
Energy storage solutionsPDF1.13 MB Download
Utility energyPDF6.61 MB Download
Hybrid Power - Engines supporting wind powerPDF1.14 MB Download
Power Plants - Energy wherever you need itPDF18.78 MB Download
Floating - Diesel power stationsPDF1.92 MB Download
Power Technology - For a greener planetPDF1.72 MB Download
MAN Diesel & Turbo Converts WastePDF238.19 KB Download
MDT Runs on BiofuelPDF239.04 KB Download
Green Power - Maxiumum benefit from liquid biofuelsPDF948.10 KB Download
Power Solutions - Independent Power ProducersPDF782.28 KB Download
MAN Diesel & Turbo´s Biofuel PlantPDF263.61 KB Download


Mabruk Oil Field - Two 18V32/40 engines burning crude oilPDF222.09 KB Download

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