Dual fuel engines

Full fuel flexibility

Dual fuel engines allow you to switch smoothly and seamlessly from gaseous fuel to liquid fuel operation (and vice versa), giving you full fuel flexibility.

Our dual fuel power plants run on gas, diesel, biofuel or heavy fuel oil (HFO). If one kind of fuel becomes difficult to obtain or prices move beyond reach, our dual fuel engines can simply be switched to another source of fuel.

This allows you to profit from the benefits of gaseous fuels, even if the gas supply is not certain.

Future safe technology

Maybe there is a need for electricity, but the gas is not available yet.

In this case, a power plant based on our dual fuel engines can be operated efficiently (and with reliable fuel availability by storing it in tanks) in liquid fuel mode. When the gas supply is assured, the plant can be switched to gas operation mode without retrofit requirements or other discontinuances.

Likewise, dual fuel engines from MAN Energy Solutions can operate on a wide range of available natural gases as well as liquid fuels.

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