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Gas engines – a popular choice

Gas is an obvious choice in power generation. MAN Energy Solutions designs and produces the most elaborate choice of spark ignited gas engines available in the market. Our portfolio ranges from 7 to over 20.7 Megawatts and covers the full operational spectrum. This makes it possible to exploit all the benefits of gas in power generation.

Wide availability and high flexibility

There are many good reasons to why gas is an increasingly popular option for power generation. First of all, it is widely available via gas grids or LNG transport by ships, and it is generally much cheaper than other fossil fuels.

Secondly, a key advantage of engine-based gas power plants is their flexibility: they can be activated rapidly, making them an excellent source of peak load power.

Low environmental impact from gas

A third reason is the low environmental impact of gas. Low emissions and high efficiency in energy productions play a key role in investment decisions. Gas has a very low environmental impact, making it possible to meet strict emissions limits or take advantage of green power incentives.

Because it burns so cleanly, a gas power plant can be built close to urban areas.

A wide range of fuels

Likewise, gas engines from MAN can operate on a wide range of available natural gases. As a result, we can offer gas engines with Otto combustion technology capable of powering a comprehensive application spectrum.

MAN Gas Gensets

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Wide availability and high flexibility



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