3544GTSThe MAN V35/44G TS is a superior efficient spark ignited two-stage turbocharged gas engines. The MAN V35/44G TS is available in 12V and 20V-cylinder versions with electrical outputs of 6,9 MW up to 12,4 MW. The MAN V35/44G TS has an outstandig high effidiency.

The two-stage version of the 35/44G TS grants additional power and efficiency, means a higher power density and hence a more compact plant design.

The idea behind two-stage turbocharging is simple: two turbochargers upstream from the engine, one after the other, which results in the significant increase in efficiency and output. For this concept, we use two strong in-house products: The continuous improvement of our well-known gas engines MAN 35/44G, combined with MAN designed and manufactured two-stage turbocharger unit.

The turbochargers are the core of this innovations and MAN Energy Solutions is the only large engine manufacturer that designs and builds its own turbochargers. This enables us to achieve the perfect matching of engine and turbochargers leading to the superior performance of the MAN 35/44G TS.

Further major benefits of MAN two-stage gas engines:

  • Highest single cycle efficiency in the market
  • Short start-up and power ramp up times, thus ideal for peak load applications
  • Excellent load response
  • Easy maintenance/ high availability


  • Typical Performance Data
  • Dimensions

Typical Performance Data - MAN 35/44G TS

Bore 350 mm, Stroke 440 mm    12V  20V
Engine speed rpm   750/720  750/720
Frequency Hz  50/60  50/60
Electr. GenSet power                      kW  7,299/6,945  12,214/11,599

dimensions_V35-44G TS
 Bore 350 mm, Stroke 440 mm    12V 20V 
 A  mm 9,028  11,549
 B  mm 4,330  4,137
 C  mm 13,358  15,686
 W  mm 4,925  4,925
 H  mm 5,200  5,200
 Genset dry mass  t 144  200
Weights and dimensions are subject to final application

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