Liquid fuel engines

The most fuel-efficient combustion engines in the market

Liquid fuel engines from MAN Energy Solutions offer outstanding high mechanical efficiencies making them ideal core components for power plants with low emissions and excellent fuel economics.

For electricity generation at base load, peak load and self-supply, MAN Energy Solutions liquid fuel engines are the ideal solution.

Power without limits

The basic idea behind a liquid fuel power plant is to be independent of the normal infrastructure needed to supply a power plant: pipelines, ports, vessels, road transport and so forth. By storing liquid fuel in tanks on-site, fluctuations in fuel supply are no longer as critical.

The broadest range of fuels

Liquid fuel engines from MAN Energy Solutions are capable of working with the broadest range of liquid fuels and viscosities.

Fossil fuels usable in liquid fuel engines from MAN Energy Solutions include crude oil, heavy (residual) fuels and distillate diesel oils. Renewable fuels include vegetable oils, animal fats and second-generation bio fuels (such as biomass-to-liquid fuels).

Overview MAN Liquid Fuel Engines

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