32/44CR TS 

The 32/44CR TS liquid fuel engine is the two-stage turbocharged evolution of the proven and successful 32/44CR.

The 32/44CR TS retains the outstanding benefit of its predecessor: best part load performance due to common rail system. This means independent control of injection timing, injection introduction pressure and injection volume. Thereby, the 32/44CR TS can operate flexibly in all load ranges, with significantly lower fuel consumption and lower emissions than any engine with a conventional injection system.

In addition to this, the 32/44CR TS has another unique feature: its two-stage turbocharger module. Due to this, the engine receives much more charge air pressure, which results in a significant increase in efficiency and output whilst lowering emissions.

This makes the 32/44CR TS the engine with the highest power density, highest efficiency and most outstanding operational flexibility in its class. Furthermore, the 32/44CR TS excels with superior performance in extreme ambient conditions such as high altitude and hot temperatures.

All these are the reasons why the 32/44CR TS is the superior core unit for medium sized power plants running on diesel fuel or HFO.

Your direct benefits

  • Highest efficiency
  • Highest power density
  • Best part load performance
  • Lower emissions
  • Highest operational flexibility
  • Best performance in extreme ambient conditions
  • Typical Performance Data
  • Dimensions

Typical Performance Data - MAN 32/44CR TS

Bore 320 mm, Stroke 440 mm 
12V   20V
Operational setup               1  2  2
 Engine speed  rpm 750/720  750/720  750/720  750/720
Frequency  Hz  50/60  50/60 50/60   50/60
Electr. Genset power  kW  7,063 7,534  11,796 12,608
Engine also availabel without two-stage turbocharging
dimensions_V35-44G TS
 Bore 320 mm, Stroke 440 mm    12V 20V 
 A  mm 9,335  11,765
 B  mm 3,790  3,945
 C  mm 13,125  15,710
 W  mm 4820  4,820
 H  mm 5,755  5,755
 Genset dry mass  t 147 190
Weights and dimensions are subject to final application

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