Power plants quality
Prime quality in our products, processes and services is an essential prerequisite for customer satisfaction and success. 

Leading lines

  • We focus on prime product quality and safety by excellent processes and services.
  • We carry out robust processes, taking customer needs as well as the internal and external requirements into consideration.
  • We reduce the number of interfaces and promote targeted communication.
  • We implement preventive measures to avoid risks, errors and damages.
  • We further develop our products based on a “learning organization” and permanent monitoring - Continuous Improvement und Lessons Learned. 


Health and occupational safety

Health and occupational safety are of paramount importance to MAN Energy Solutions. We follow the principle: „Safety first“.


Leading lines

  • We believe health and occupational safety at the earliest possible stage in our planning and decision making.
  • We consider that health and occupational safety play an important role in the management tasks at MAN Energy Solutions.
  • We continuously develop our management system in terms of health and occupational safety   based on regular reviews on prospective improvements.

Environmental protection

The sustainable protection of our environment is part of the corporate responsibility of MAN Energy Solutions and is therefore an important component of successful action.

Leading lines

  • We consider environmental protection at the earliest possible stage in our planning and decision making.
  • We make the employees and their superiors aware of this subject with regular training.
  • We develop and optimize environmentally compatible production, testing and logistic processes.
  • We ensure that our products are made of environmentally compatible materials.
  • We develop and provide project-specific environmental protection measures to reduce energy consumption and harmful emissions.
  • We develop solutions to increase energy efficiency and/or reduce harmful substances in already existing plants.

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