Maximizing energy production in power plants

Today, it is more vital than ever to use every available drop of fuel to the max. One way of getting the most out of the fuel used in stationary power plants is MAN’s combined cycle technology.

Combined cycle (CC) makes it possible to produce additional electrical energy in stationary power plants by using the exhaust heat from the flue gas.

How it works

In stationary power plants, diesel, gas or dual fuel engines produce flue gas which contains a lot of energy that normally goes to waste. CC plants utilize the exhaust heat of the engine flue gas for the production of live steam in a bottoming process.

The steam is expanded in a steam turbine which produces electrical energy – energy that would otherwise just go to waste.

One supplier, one place to shop

MAN is the only company building large engines and steam turbines within the same company. This ensures the optimum engine and steam turbine fit in an MAN engine combined cycle power plant, and the customer gets both key components from one supplier.

Your direct benefits

  • More energy without higher fuel consumption
  • Environmental friendly solution
  • One-stop shop

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