Combined heat and power power plants

Electricity and heat close to the source

MAN´s engine-based Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Combined Cooling, Heat and Power (CCHP) plants are designed to meet the overall thermal demand of the end consumer and can be used for a wide range of thermal applications – whether at industrial, city-wide or individual building levels.

A positive contribution to the global energy demand

CHP and CCHP technologies are well-established, highly efficient, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solutions to the world’s increasing demand for energy.

  • CHP is the simultaneous generation of electricity and useful heat from a single fuel source close to the point of its use.
  • CCHP is the concurrent generation of electricity, heat and cooling.

Making use of excess energy

When electricity is generated in gas or diesel engine-based power plants, waste heat at different temperature levels is produced. MAN offers various technologies to convert this waste heat into useful energy.

The heat extracted from the engine’s exhaust gases can be utilized for steam generation required in the textiles, food, paper and chemicals industries. By including an exhaust gas or hot water driven absorption chiller, chilled water can be produced to run central air conditioning systems in hospitals, hotels and office blocks. The heat extracted from the engine lube oil, the engine jacket water and the charge air cooling circuits can be utilized for hot water generation, e.g. used in a district heating network for heating purposes.

MAN Energy Solutions CHP power plants are based on a modular concept which can easily be adapted to individual requirements and which allows us to offer fast delivery times and attracitve pricing.

Your direct benefits

  • Total efficiency up to 95% 
  • Lower energy costs through more efficient utilization of primary energy
  • Improved environmental quality through reduced pollutant emissions
  • Recovered waste heat for a wide range of sustainable thermal applications
  • Operational flexibility according to changes in heat and electricity demands
Combined Heat-and-Power

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