MAN powerbarge

Getting electricity to where it really matters

Sometimes, a power barge can be the best and quickest solution when electrical energy is needed on short notice in remote areas or areas struck by natural disaster.

The land-based resources needed to construct a power station may not be available, and transport over water may be the only way to get large equipment to the site.

A self-contained floating power plant

A floating power station can be entirely self-contained and can be built and installed relatively quickly, supplying harbors, coastal regions or sites near rivers with critically needed electricity independently of local resources or infrastructure.

MAN power barges can be built with all diesel and gas engine types from the 32-bore series to the 51-bore series.

Your direct benefits

  • Simple and straightforward location of the power station where power is required
  • Support rapid infrastructure development in remote regions
  • Short building times: A 70 MW power station can be installed in less than 12 months
  • Reduced reliance on poor or non-existent local capacities
  • Unaffected by landslides and earthquakes
  • Independence from local infrastructure
  • Minimum operator investment risk and advantage in financing thanks to the mobility, versatility and adaptability of this type of plant

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